Every time you finish reading a book add it to this list. Be sure to add a comment and tell us what you thought and why!

Mrs. Dobe* The Maximum Ride Novels by James Patterson This summer I read three of the six Maximum Ride novels. This series is about a group of kids who were given some bird DNA when they were babies. Now they all have wings and can really fly. They have a lot of adventures together as they fight to save the world from evil scientist. A great adventure book with lots of action and brave characters.

Nick * I read Gregor the Overlander. This is a fun book with a lot of action!

Nick* I read The Red Pyramid Which is by Rick Riordan about 2 kids named Carter Sadie Kane and the Egyptian gods. Carter and Sadie have powers and have to defeat Set the a Egyptian god on a rampage to control the world.

Nick* I read The Lost Hero By Rick Riordan which is about these three kids named Jason, Leo and Piper who have powers and have to go save Piper's Dad and Hara so that Porphyrion Dosent rise.

Jack* I read The 39 Clues into Deep it is a series about Amy and Dan Cahill they travel the world in search of clues to be the most powerful people in the world this book is about them looking for clues about there parents and Bob Troppo. It is a good book because there is a lot of action and the books keep going

Hailley* I read __Found__ by Margret Peterson Haddix. It is about a plane that show up at an airport and the employees look inside and find a bunch of babies on the plane. Then thirteen years later Jonah and Chip and Jonah's sister Katherine look for things they shouldn't know like time travel and stuff like the missing. That's all I should say anymore. Try them=)-

Kendra* I read Wild Girl it is a book about a girl named Liddie that moved from Jales, Portugese and her brother Rafael took her to a race. Pai then took Rafael and Lidie to get two horses there names were Wild Girl and Love You. Love You was for Liddie but Liddie loves Wild Girl and soon falls in love with her but I can't tell you anymore I don't want to spoil the ending.Shh!

Kendra* I read a book called Found By Margret Peterson Haddix. I t is full of adventure and fun and is an unrealistic tale. The main characters are Jonah and Chip, but you will have to read the book to find out the rest!