Hey Fifth graders and families! Do you find yourself being an inquirer at home, school or work?

Share your experiences about being curious and conducting research to learn more about your world.

Mrs. Dobe * I was wondering if there were any nutrients in a potato. I found out it has vitamin P and C.
I was wondering how long it would take to drive to Lake Placid New York. I found out it would take about six hours.

Hailley* I was wondering, has anyone ever survived without water for at least a day or four. And I found out that you can pretty much only a day or two without water.
Lauren* I wonder why i can't have a puppy. I found out my mom doesn't want one. She says we have Molly and Flopsy and thats is all she wants for animals.

Mrs. Foss* I was wondering if risotto was pasta or rice. I looked it up and found that it's an italian rice dish. The rice is cooked in broth until it's a creamy consistency, it usually has meat and vegetables in it.